What comes to your mind when thinking about composing or producing music? Well, the answer to this question depends on which side of the divide you lie; a music artist or a fan. But irrespective, composers, artists, and consumers have a common denominator; they all need quality music. Make yourself at home, as you go through the listings shared on this platform.

Who is a Better Composer?

When examining the art of music composition or differentiating between distinct music composers, the question “who is a better composer?” often comes up. Ideally, the better composer is the individual who fits in the ears of the listener. In light of this fact, this platform intends to walk you through various aspects of music compositions. This includes the evolution of music composition, the skillset needed, and some renowned composers whom aspiring artists should draw insights from.


Like composers, a lot of work is needed before a young musician gets a chance to taste success and the incentives which come with this glorified career. On this site, you will be able to understand what it takes to be a musician. And most importantly, the gains that come with giving your best as a musician.

As musicians do their work, they also need to think about how people consume their music. Besides entertainment reasons, good music forms the centre stage of different activities such as online casino gaming and film production, among others. Understanding music consumption trends, thus, is essential in the life of a musician.

Music Consumers

Who are music consumers? Ideally, these are people who invest their time, money, or both on your music. They range from YouTube fans streaming your music, to those who buy your music, to movie producers who feature your music in their films. It is, therefore, important to offer them value for their time and money.

It is a known fact that fans or consumers are the most critical players in the music industry. The sooner a composer or a musician embraces this fact, the better it is for their career. Unfortunately, only a handful of musicians fully understand this, which explains why so few manage to attract record-breaking audiences. Consumers tend to be very particular with what they consume, and artists should be able to offer them precisely what they need, if not more.

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